Orange Peel

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Nobody ever talks about this stuff. It’s pretty common knowledge that eating oranges is great for you because of Vitamin C. But there’s so much more. Orange peels are a useful herb and so easy to obtain. I have seen dried orange peel sold, but you can just as easily save the peel after eating an orange. It’ll dry in no time on a plate, or a basket if you have a large amount. Once dried, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place.

Orange peels are a great additive in any carminative tea. They’re mildly bitter and can strengthen digestive function. It’s particularly useful for gas, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and decreased appetite.

There are many other uses for orange peel, including cleansing and culinary uses.

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Orange, being citrus, has quite a few  other uses as well. People looking for safer cleaning solutions will infuse orange (or other citrus–I prefer lemon) peels in vinegar for an easy all-purpose cleaner.

Candied orange peels can be made into a tasty treat (you can even dip candied orange peel into chocolate).

Using the same methods as in making a tincture, you can easily put orange peels in vodka to infuse for 4 weeks. Strain and you have orange vodka.


Another fun thing to do with dried orange peel is burn it. Orange oil is pretty flammable and burning this in the fireplace makes excellent kindling.

And as always, oranges are just enjoyable as is. Who doesn’t enjoy a juicy orange?

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How To Celebrate Winter For More Personal Empowerment

It’s funny. When I first saw this title all I could think of ishow during the winter time, all I want to do is hibernate. The cold makes me lethargic and I despise the cold. Reading this post makes me realize how perfect of a time this is to remember, release, ealign, and recognize my full potential as I am not the regular busybody I am throughout the rest of the year. Very good read.

Good Witches Homestead

 As the sun reminds us, it is time to begin considering the year behind and the new one ahead. This year you might consider how winter can aid you in finding more personal empowerment.

Standing in our own personal empowerment allows us to no longer feel like the victim and begin to take full accountability for our own feelings, emotions, situations, and relationships. When we feel victimized by others actions or reactions we are actually giving our personal power away to that situation. No one gives us our emotions, instead, they come from within us based on our core beliefs, our experiences, and our expectations.

When we begin to take full responsibility for our own emotional state we have stepped into our empowerment. Personal empowerment is often associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra. This winter we hope you will take the time to take a personal inventory of your emotional…

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Cardamom Seed

Botany & Wildcrafting Course by Herbal Academy

Staying on our most recent topic of digestion, we’re going to look at cardamom seed today. Cardamom seed is a native to southern India and part of the ginger family. Cardamom can be useful for gas, bloating, nausea, lack of appetite, colic, diarrhea, headaches from indigestion, and digestive upset caused by nervousness.

Cardamom can reduce mucus buildup caused by heavy foods. Its carminative properties aid in gas. It’s also alkaline. These properties basically aid in the digestion of heavy and acidic foods. Cardamom contains the phytochemical cineole, which can assist with bad breath, gum disease, sore throats, and respiratory issues.

The cineole phytochemical is antiseptic and can help with mouth ulcers.

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Cardamom has a warming and stimulating effect when consumed. Use it when you’re feeling tired. I love it during the winter time, where any form of warmth is welcome. If that’s not enough reason to use it in the wintertime, think about its defense properties against phlegm. This is a huge issue for most during the wintertime.

Cardamom can be used to increase blood circulation to the lungs. This can help prevent convulsions and spasms.

Cardamom has a tonic effect on the kidneys and urinary tract. It can be used to strengthen a weak bladder and help with kids who still wet the bed. It is used in some blends to aid in urinary tract infections.

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Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you, if you click the links and make a purchase.

Establishing a Ritual of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Self-Care

This is so important! Always make time for yourself so that you can flourish in all other areas!

Good Witches Homestead

There’s something to be said about intentionally setting aside time in our hectic schedules to focus entirely on our lives, our bodies and our health (both mental, and physical).

But so often, this is easier typed than done.

I believe in our culture, there’s certain guilt about slowing down, even for a short time, especially when it’s for the sake of our own wellbeing. We’re fascinated by the hustle, by the busyness of it all, and drawn into that hamster wheel of constant productivity, for the sake of getting ahead.

But I can attest, alongside so many others, that establishing a ritual of daily, weekly, and monthly self-care, slowing down and tuning out (in order to really tune in), can greatly benefit whatever your life’s work is. Whatever that hustle is meant for.

I have struggled with establishing this routine—busyness being that back-of-the-mind itch that keeps me from slowing…

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Breed Spotlight: The Rhode Island Red

One of our favorite breeds as well.

Meyer Hatchery Blog

The Rhode Island Red chicken breed is one that frequents as a top 10 best seller. They are excellent layers of large, brown eggs and the hens are generally friendly and curious. The roosters watch over their flock carefully, and therefore can sometimes become aggressive with some humans and animals other than poultry.Rhode Island Red Hen (2) (1)

The Rhode Island Red originated in Little Compton, Rhode Island in the mid 1800’s, making it one of the oldest American-bred chicken breeds. It began in farmers’ homestead flocks, where a highly productive egg layer was needed, but whose excess roosters could still dress out as decent table birds. The Light Brown Leghorn genes gave the Rhode Island Red its laying ability, while the Shanghai gave it the meat characteristics. The Red Maylay and the Java are the breeds that gave the Rhode Island Red its hardiness, lightweight body weight, red color and hard feathering. The Rhode…

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