Our solar experience!

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A few months ago, we decided to price out solar PV(electric) for our home and farm. First, we got estimates from companies in the area. They were all nice and explained the process, elaborating on the difficulties and hardships in engineering and permitting. My husband, having an extensive background in construction, found this a little hard to believe.

After receiving quotes of up to $40,000 dollars for an 11,700 Watt system, we decided to quote the job out and see what was involved with doing it as a homeowner. We found the installation companies’ prices were so high that it was nowhere near justified. The decision was made: my husband was installing the solar. Zach contacted several retailers for solar system quotes and went with Blue Pacific Solar for the order.

After under 40 man hours, Zach had the system installed and ready to test on 7/17/2017. We completed the project with all materials for under $20,000. We will get $6,000.00 back from the tax credit. That’s $14,000 invested and we will make 18% on that money for 25 years. Every piece of equipment we installed had a double bonded 25 year warranty from the panels to optimizers to inverter.

A special thanks to all the vendors
Blue Pacific Solar
MetaWorld Civil Consulting LLC
Little Electric

Harman Farms LLC
Zachary and Amanda Harman
300 Rodeo Rd
Ormond Beach, FL 32174
zachharman8031@gmail.com                                                     amandaharman87@gmail.com

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