Happy Father’s Day!

Hello, everyone!

We just wanted to take a moment to wish all of the dads and daddy figures out there a happy Father’s Day! Your role in raising children into contributing, happy, and healthy members of society is paramount and your children love you!

We celebrated by taking my father and husband to Disney.


We went to Animal Kingdom to enjoy rides, dinner at Tiffin’s, and meet Scrooge McDuck! Scrooge is a new permanent addition to the park and one of my dad’s favorite Disney characters, being that we are from heavy Scottish ancestry (my red hair is not natural though). We were very fortunate to be there early enough to avoid any unbearably long lines to meet Scrooge.


We also got to meet Daisy.

We were unable to acquire FastPasses for any of the new Pandora rides, but we have ridden them before so it was not so much of a loss. Out of all the rides, the Safari was probably the best. We got to see a lot of animals up close and personal. The zebras actually followed us for a bit, probably thinking we had hay.

We went to Tiffin’s for dinner. The food and service at this place is normally pretty fantastic. This particular time, the food was just wrong. The service from management was ridiculously great though in the event and one bad visit isn’t enough for me not to recommend this place. We still had a great time there so the visit wasn’t entirely bad. The kids especially enjoyed getting to go to one of their favorite parks with their grandparents as well.

Happy Father’s Day! We love and are grateful for all that you do.

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