Anise Hyssop

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Anise Hyssop.

This plant is gorgeous and attracts pollinators like bees! The leaves and flowers, like the name suggests, taste very similar to anise. It makes a fabulous tea that easily needs no additional sweeteners. In fact, this herb can be added to other teas as a sweetener.

Like other similar herbs (anise, fennel, etc.), anise hyssop can help freshen the breath. The leaves can be used as a poultice for minor wounds.

Photographed by Amanda Harman

This herb is great for heart health and can is also diaphoretic, assisting in causing sweating (great for breaking fevers).

The scent of this herb can aid in calming an individual. Take an herbal bath with this herb mixed in with other calming herbs and you’ll be in heaven. An herbal bath with anise hyssop can also help with aches and pains.

I like to add it simply for taste, but it can be a great addition to an infusion directed towards chest congestion. It makes the tea taste better and the herb itself helps relieve congestion.

Photographed by Amanda Harman

I recommend this herb alone for taste and because it attracts bees. I have plenty of other herbs that have the same properties, but they’re not as delicious. I did acquire anise hyssop for our garden because  I would drink it based on taste alone, but that doesn’t dismiss the fact that it does possess potentially helpful properties for good overall health and balance.

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  1. I need to plant some anise hyssop. I have Korean hyssop growing, but I do love anise as well. Thanks for sharing!

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