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I finished my intermediate course through the Herbal Academy and I was so exhausted with its rigorous material and starting the new school year that even thinking about writing about this amazing experience drained me mentally.

I love learning new things and herbalism is a passion of mine. That mental drain is quite satisfying because afterwards comes empowerment. This class engages its students with herbal actions, energetics, and safety and side effects. My favorite part was the in-depth diving into physiology and body systems. The organization allows students to better categorize their own materia medica based on these body systems and common ailments of these systems and the energetics and actions of herbs.

There are recipes to use and build upon and quizzes to help you make sure you’re on the right track.

Because the class is so in-depth, you have two years to complete it. I started mine in June and finished it as the school year started, but I wasn’t working other than farm stuff. I could see this taking about a year if I was working though. What’s great is in that two-year time frame you’re given time to download the course electronically to print. I keep mine in a binder. You also always have access to other students and teachers on a members only Facebook page. I love having that choice to be interactive with other herbalists or aspiring herbalists. The teachers are very helpful and respond in a timely manner when you contact them.

Photographed by Amanda Harman

This was my first time working with herb energetics theory. It was very enlightening and made me evaluate my own constitution in a more serious light. When I meet people, I apply what I learned by watching the way they act, speak, and work. It’s just a very new way to look at people and better understand what makes them tick and what makes them slow down and how balanced constitution can be maintained by each type of individual.

The science given to students to study is intriguing. Before this course, my favorite body system was the nervous system. After the class, the nervous system is still a favorite, but I have a deeper understanding of all of the body systems and a very deep newfound appreciation of the digestive system and how amazing and complex it actually is.

I was initially hesitant with paying for a class in herbalism because I had learned so much growing up with herbs and independent research. I just hit this wall where I was finding nothing new and I didn’t really know how to look for anything new. I knew I didn’t learn it all, but I didn’t know how to find anything new anymore. I took a vast amount of knowledge and resources away with this course.

The community is amazing. I had joined other free communities in the past, but the knowledge and expertise found at the Herbal Academy is exciting and a lot more accurate than a bunch of people just googling questions for other people who just didn’t feel like googling that day.

The Herbal Academy offers many other types of courses and as of today, courses are on sale. I recommend at least checking them out in the links I’ll be providing below.

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