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I. Love. Chamomile. My favorite characteristic of this herb is its smell, German and Roman variations. The scents are light, floral, and sweet. I love it in soaps, shampoos, and lotions and butters.

Chamomile is harvested when the flowers open. Flowers are commonly dried and used in tea blends. Most people know chamomile for its calming effects. It is also very soothing to the GI tract and can be consumed after dinner to ease digestion. Because it is soothing to the GI tract and a nervine, chamomile is a great addition to a blend targeted toward IBS symptoms (or similar symptoms).

Along as a sleep aid, chamomile can aid individuals suffering from mild anxiety.

I also personally love it as a tea. It’s lightly sweet and has a delicate taste. Many use it in sleep blends to help relax an individual before bed. I know science does not back up the theory that warm milk helps one sleep. I know this. I don’t care though. I find it soothing. What I do with warm milk though is I gently steep it with lavender buds and chamomile flowers. If milk does not irritate you, the warmth and the taste is rather soothing. The fragrance is intoxicating. The milk helps me crave midnight snacks less, too.

Another great property of this herb is that it’s safe for children. When my children were babies I would make chamomile tea to add to their bath water when they had colds. It helps calm down any anxiety or distress and can help with sleep.

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