Flooded…. Homesteading Heartbreaks.

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This is heartbreaking, but I do like reading day-to-day life on the homestead. Homesteading is not for the faint of heart. Still wouldn’t change it for the world. Check out our Growing up on the Homestead post to also see the benefits of living on a homestead.

Horses Dirt and Motherhood

I read a post recently by Kira King at “The Homestead Kings” about how Homesteading/farming isn’t for everybody. I agreed with her quite wholeheartedly because… well animals die. Crops die. A lot of hard work gets wiped out in a moment.

It’s not an easy life. And it’s easy to get hard hearted about it all.

But.. That really isn’t a good idea either.

You have to remain tender while yet getting tougher.

Quite a balancing act wouldn’t you say?

This is what I mean though. You have to remain in a place of being tender hearted so that you care gently and wisely for the animals in your care. If you get hard hearted, you get harsh and, without intending to, cruel.

There has to be a certain level of caring that remains in your heart for the lives you are taking care of and raising. Even if what…

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