Making Tinctures

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So, I was in the back hanging out with the donkeys and goats when something yellow caught my eyes behind the enclosure. Swaying in the wind, I found goldenrod. I was ecstatic. What caught my eye was too late to harvest, but it meant more was nearby that would be harvestable.

Behind the animal enclosure is a somewhat thick wooded area.

I did not care though. I was going to get some goldenrod.

Photographed by Amanda Harman

I battled thorns, spiderwebs, and a snake to get to my destination. Okay, to be fair, the snake pictured above is a black racer; they’re harmless. This also is not the same snake I ran into–I think. This was taken another day, but I did run into a black racer in the wooded area. I couldn’t snap a picture though, but had to share at least one picture I did have because they’re pretty.

Spiderwebs? They’re not pretty. They suck. I’d rather the thorned plants.

Photographed by Amanda Harman

So, I harvested some goldenrod to dry. I dried it and had enough to fill half of a pint mason jar.

Photographed by Amanda Harman

And what do you do with that much goldenrod? You make a tincture! I use flowers and leaves (mostly flowers).

Photographed by Amanda Harman

I’m not a big drinker, but I do love Copper Bottom’s vodka when I do drink. Since it’s a product I trust, I also use it for making tinctures.

So, we’re going to let this sit for 6 weeks, shaking everyday. After 6 weeks, we’ll have a lovely natural remedy for allergies. Happy Harvesting everyone!

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