What You Should Know About Herbal Preparation Shelf-Life

Fantastic information about shelf life for your herbal remedies.

Good Witches Homestead

In this post, we’re sharing some basic guidelines on herbal preparation shelf-life. We’ve even made a free printable for you so you can have these guidelines handy in one place. Feel free to download, print, and store this chart in your herbal journal or on the inside of your bathroom cabinet (or wherever you store the majority of your herbal preparations) so you can easily reference it the next time you have a question about herbal preparation shelf-life!

Oil-based herbal preparations are those that are comprised mostly of lipids, such as herbal salves and infused oils.

While microbes can multiply in oil once contaminated, microbes are not the main threat to the shelf-life of oil-based herbal preparations — it’s oxidation (rancidity). Oil rancidity naturally occurs with time, and can also occur due to improper storage and usage. We’ll discuss these three factors that affect herbal preparation shelf life later in…

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