Orange Peel

Enroll in the Botanical Skin Care Course with the Herbal Academy Nobody ever talks about this stuff. It’s pretty common knowledge that eating oranges is great for you because of Vitamin C. But there’s so much more. Orange peels are a useful herb and so easy to obtain. I have seen dried orange peel sold, but you can just as easily save the peel after eating an orange. It’ll dry in no time on a plate, or a basket if you have a large amount. Once dried, store it in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Orange peels are a great additive in any carminative tea. They’re mildly bitter and can strengthen digestive function. It’s particularly useful for gas, nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and decreased appetite. There are many other uses for orange peel, including cleansing and culinary uses.
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Orange, being citrus, has quite a few  other uses as well. People looking for safer cleaning solutions will infuse orange (or other citrus–I prefer lemon) peels in vinegar for an easy all-purpose cleaner. Candied orange peels can be made into a tasty treat (you can even dip candied orange peel into chocolate). Using the same methods as in making a tincture, you can easily put orange peels in vodka to infuse for 4 weeks. Strain and you have orange vodka.
Another fun thing to do with dried orange peel is burn it. Orange oil is pretty flammable and burning this in the fireplace makes excellent kindling.
And as always, oranges are just enjoyable as is. Who doesn’t enjoy a juicy orange? Follow our blog to stay updated. We’re also on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Come check us out. Affiliate Disclosure

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