New Toy on the Farm

Botany & Wildcrafting Course by Herbal Academy We’re getting ready to expand our farm! We began to design and plot out a new location on our property to build a greenhouse and expand pasture for our animals. We realized that we need to move a pond, take down some large trees, build a pad, and construct 250′ of road and place a parking lot. Our current BX25 would not be up to the task. We found ourselves faced with two difficult choices: rent a larger piece of equipment during our expansion or replace our small, but reliable Kubota BX25 TLB.
Photographed by Amanda Harman
We began where we always do: calculating project costs. After many weeks of projections, we found that renting would be wasteful; so, we decided to upgrade. We found ourselves asking: What do we get? What do we need? How much will we grow? The search was on.  After having a Kubota there was no question that we wanted another Kubota. There are so many models. We looked at the B series, L-series, and the B26 TLB Series. The research was completed after combing through all the specifications. The Keyboard Warrior was done. We progressed to the next step: obtaining trade in values on our current BX25 and purchase price of the required equipment. We sent out several requests to separate dealers and–to our delight–most responded promptly. The dealership that sold us our original BX25 was even among the many who responded to our request. The quotes were all in, the purchase price and trade in values were all comparable between dealers; however, there was one individual that stood out: Roy at Futch’s Power Depot. His sincerity on the phone was unmatched.  One statement that was made created quite an impression; Futch’s Power Depot stated that they will earn our business if we give him the chance, no matter what. Roy was confident that their service, price, and staff were the best. Roy worked with me over a two-day period to finish the paperwork, complete the financing, and get the tractor built. Roy constantly communicated with me until delivery day. Roy and staff personally delivered our tractor and the trailer we ended up buying as part of a package. They also picked up the trade which made it easy for us to begin our projects.
Photographed by Amanda Harman
The test: the new Kubota l-Series has power, speed, and performance.  I performed a few minor tasks and one thing became apparent: the loader had an issue. I was initially uneasy with a million thoughts running through my head. I wondered to myself, Is this the beginning of a nightmare?  I prepped myself and called Roy to let him know the issue.  Roy was more than accommodating and scheduled pick up. Roy went out of his way to ease my mind and make sure I was at ease and not upset.  I told Roy that I do not judge a business by a single issue that arises. It happens. I reserve judgement for how the issue is dealt with.  A few days went by with Roy consistently communicating with me and asked that I come to the service shop to go over options with them. I traveled to the Futch’s and met Lonnie and Steve. Both were understanding and just wanted me to be able use the new equipment. They were straightforward and honest and by the time I left the dealership I knew that the issue would be resolved one way or another.  Futch’s delivered a loner to use until we get this issue figured out. Lonnie and Steve communicated with me regularly and within a few days the issue was resolved, with the tractor back on the farm so that we can continue our work.
Photographed by Amanda Harman
Now, there are no issues left. Now it’s time for us to get to work on our expansion this year.  Our experience with Futch’s Power Depot was–by far–one of the easiest and best that we have had with a major purchase.  Harman Farms highly recommends visiting Futch’s Power Depot and talking with Roy for your future purchases.  Roy was correct from the beginning that he would earn our business and he also earned our respect. We will definitely be purchasing from them in the future. Follow our blog to stay updated. We’re also on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram. Come check us out. Affiliate Disclosure

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  1. Wish I could say that with my Kubota dealer. Mine is all about the $$, not service after the sale without charging $$$.

    1. Yea that was my initial thoughts, I was dreading the outcome but this time I chose the right dealer.

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