Appreciating Home

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Home Sweet Home. Finally feeling more settled and comfortable. We moved from a little under 3 acres to 10 acres. The solitude is bliss. Today’s post is just going to be me sharing our new home with our readers. It’s breathtaking.

Photographed by Amanda Harman

We have two ponds on our property (hubby calls them lakes). One pond is entirely ours, and the other we share with a very select few. I love to sit and watch the water when it rains. Watching the lightning behind the line of pine trees is mesmerizing. I’ve never really been drawn to bodies of water and I particularly dislike the ocean. I do find quite a bit of solace wandering the perimeter of our bodies of water though in our backyard.

Photographed by Amanda Harman

The lily pads in the ponds are in bloom. They’re still beauty demands attention when you walk past.

Photographed by Amanda Harman

Happy caterpillars enjoy their do nothing but eat stage of life.

Our animals are enjoying the extra space as well.

New life was celebrated on the new homestead. We moved the animals on May 5. Lyris gave birth to two healthy polled bucklings the same day. It is her first time being a mama. She didn’t know what to do so I had to stay home an extra day to teach her how to nurse patience since she didn’t want to sit still while the kids greedily ate. She finally accepted that she had to take care of these babies, not run away from them nonstop.

There was not a barn on the land, so we had to add that before the animals moved. It has come such a long way.

The house itself is gorgeous. Very little actually needs to be done do it on the inside. We’re told it’s a French style home. Whatever it is, I am in love with the brick and the trees on the driveway.

The treasures we find in the yard are priceless. The magnolias are intoxicating and the wild mushrooms are mystical.

I cannot get enough of how much the animals love it here. Our family is adjusting nicely to the isolation. It’s really not the bad though. We’re about 20 minutes from town, which is great. It’s so quiet and I’m really learning to appreciate that quiet.

We’re slowly, but surely, creating a paradise at home.

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Concrete and Expansion

Some very exciting movements are happening on the farm! We just poured concrete , all under roof. It’s actually amazing  how much cooler everything is under shade.

This is wonderful progress. With all the rearranging we did along with pouring the concrete, we will have more pasture for our meat chickens. Just as I stated before in my egg post, being forced to share small spaces with several other birds is detrimental to their health. And if that isn’t reason enough to be infuriated (it is for us), unhealthy animals leads to unhealthy food.

This increased space also means additional room for processing meats. My husband will either deny it or have no comment to it, but I’m pretty sure that means if he finds new meat processing “toys” we’ll actually have a place to put them.

This will provide extra storage. This makes me happy because that will free up some of MY space I use.

The most exciting opportunity this expansion creates is the ability to teach classes. In the future, my husband and the butcher we work with would love to teach meat processing classes. I am looking into providing classes based around creating and storing herbal remedies.

And may I just add…

Doesn’t it just look great? We’re very excited. We’re looking at other future expansions, but this is a good start.

In the future, we would love to add space on our property to efficiently and safely make soap. I would love to have my own little “witch’s cottage” to keep my herbal remedies in one organized space, with space to make them as well.

Follow us as we update more on how we organize and expand our space on the farm. With expansion comes more opportunities