A great list to entice further research if you suffer from any respiratory ailments, especially chronic ones.

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Healing the Lungs, Grief, and Trauma

Especially with all the deep sadness with the ongoing fires in California, the necessity to write on the herbs that heal our lungs is vital. My heart is humbled and heavy with what is happening with the world at large. Seeing these fires and shootings affect so many friends and community members, it really shook my core on how precious and vulnerable life can really be. Today we’re reviewing lung herbs as these are herbs that not only help repair lung tissue, they assist in the recovery of emotional trauma, PTSD and grief. Below are herbs that are easy to find in most herb stores and markets, that can help you or a dear one cope with environmental toxicity, and support you emotionally. 

Our lungs are always at work. At every moment of the day, they’re cleansing the air, delivering oxygen to the cells, and energizing the body with life. They are constantly filtering…

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Stan Lee: 1922-2018

So sad 😦


Stan Lee, the legendary comic book writer, editor, and publisher of Marvel comics who co-created some of our most iconic superheroes, died today at the age of 95. Nat Freedland profiled Lee for the New York Herald-Tribune in 1966, and in it, a 43-year-old Lee describes how astonished he is at Marvel’s growing popularity:

Pre-college Marvel fans at times have taken to assembling on the corner of Madison and 58th Street, waving wildly with home-made signs whenever anybody appears at the second-floor windows of Marvel’s three workrooms. “Like we were the Beatles or something,” Lee muses.

In terms of the real world, all this adulation means that Marvel circulation has tripled in three and a half years. With an annual circulation of 35 million, Marvel (which puts out 17 super-type comic books) is now a comfortable number two in the comics industry, gradually edging up on the long-established Superman…

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The House of The Garden

Toadstools And Fairy Rings


I’m so lucky that I have such a big, sunny garden, but I’ve also come to realize that not being limited by space can be more difficult than having to squeeze things into a small area. Ethan called my garden plan this season “masochistic” after he offered to help and i told him what my goals were for the day.

The summer season this year was so disappointing that i gave up half way through and started thinking about the fall and winter garden, and it got much too complicated. This season I’m hoping to accomplish what I’ve always wanted to do – plant the entire 3/4 of an acre in vegetables, grains and flowers.

Mustard greens

I love that about gardening – despite the weather or bugs or mildew etc, there’s always the chance to start again fresh, with wisdom from the last season under your hat.

The pigs have happily…

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Phyllo Pie With Fennel, Mushroom, Rice, Leeks… And So Many More Things!

Online Herbalism Courses for all levels

Oh my goodness! This looks delicious. I will be trying this in the near future. Thanks for sharing something so scrumptious.

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This is a very popular herb to grow for culinary purposes. It’s great with several chicken dishes. It’s a strong taste and the smell is exhilarating.

It has several benefits other than culinary though.

Rosemary is often used for colds and sore throats. Because of its bitter taste, it can also be used as a tea 15-20 minutes before eating to aid in digestion. I don’t personally use rosemary by itself when I have a cold. I normally mix it with other herbs with similar and stronger benefits. The smell itself is very comforting and anything to boost morale when you’re ill is important as well. Illnesses are easier to get through if your spirit is at least a little less than foul.

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Rosemary is awesome for hair. In our house, our shampoos normally have SOME rosemary in it, along with tea tree. Rosemary helps with an itchy scalp and improves circulation. This is great for hair follicles because the blood supply is needed to actually keep the hair not only healthy, but keep the hair period. If there’s not enough blood there, the hair will fall out. It also aids in premature greying. I have personally been growing grey since I was 23. Before I began actually dying my whole head I did use several herbal rinses that included rosemary. It is effective. I stopped because I was blond and wanted to be a redhead. I use henna for that, but that’s another topic.

Its abilities on memory are what got me hooked on rosemary though (other than the amazing flavor). I’m a teacher and I have this going in my diffuser during longer than 10 minute lectures.

And bees love the blooms. I love providing enough plants for our bees. It’s so easy to grow and you can easily clip a branch or two to share with a friend.

Want to see what herbs we have in our garden? Take a look here.

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Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links. I earn from qualifying purchases, at no additional cost to you, if you click the links and make a purchase.