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Fresh tomato and mozzarella salad. That was my original reason for growing basil in my garden. I knew of the health benefits growing up, but my taste won over my logical sense in this case. Nevertheless, basil actually does have benefits other than culinary.

Vitamin A

This herb has a surprising amount of Vitamin A in it. Which is funny, because we don’t often think about vitamins and minerals when it comes to herbs. Vitamin A is important because it regulates gene activity. It is also great for eyesight.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K activates certain proteins needed for tissue growth (think cartilage, bone, stomach, and lung tissue). Vitamin K also helps in the forming of blood clots.


Basil is antibacterial, but like anything, it has a special group of bacteria it’s most effective in attacking. The oils found in basil can restrict the growth of: listeria, staphylococcus, and E. coli.


Basil can offer relief from inflammation caused by arthritis.


Basil can actually help erase blemishes from the skin. How? It attacks bacteria induced acne. You can steep the basil and then let the water cool to room temperature. Then swab it on with a cotton ball.

So, that’s basil. We eat it very frequently because it is delicious, but it does have some medicinal properties we can find useful. And why not use it for skincare if you’re already growing it in the garden? How do you use basil?

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