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Hi, everyone!

I’m going to write about something a little bit different. Normally I write about the basics of homesteading; the ups and downs, the circle of life on the farm, family, and recipes. Today I am going to share our experience over at Copper Bottom Craft Distillery. Trying to be as self-sufficient as possible, we have grown a fond admiration of anyone else focusing on homemade, quality goods. Copper Bottom Craft Distillery is a local family owned distillery. They’re not industrialized. Everything is made on site and one can taste the attention to detail.

The spirits produced at this distillery are: Copper Bottom Silver Run, Copper Bottom Vodka, and Copper Bottom Gold Rum.

I’m going to be honest. I don’t drink. It is a very rare occasion that my husband, or myself drink. It’s not the taste. I just don’t drink. And everything–and I do mean everything anymore–gives me a headache, even if I had just one glass. All of the spirits produced at this distillery have no unneccessary additives. It’s the spirit, and nothing else. I use vodka for tinctures and liked the idea of having a high quality, yet affordable bottle to use for my herbal medicine cabinet. The drink itself is so smooth, the smoothest we’ve had.

My personal favorite is the Copper Bottom Gold Rum. I like whiskey and this batch is matured in once used whiskey barrels. The taste is pleasant and smooth. The hint of whiskey is a great addition.

Out of curiosity–seriously, I was experimenting–I had more to drink than I should have. I drank enough to have trouble with the stairs. Our children were being watched, it was just my husband and me, the timing to see how I would feel in the morning was perfect.

I was more than a little tipsy, but I had no traces of a headache the next morning. In fact, I woke up and was ready to go about my normal day. My only guess is that the lack of added sugars, dyes, and flavors are the reasons why I didn’t have a headache. We do plan on buying more in the future, definitely for vodka as I’m sure I’ll use it up in tinctures before we finish drinking the rum.

We highly recommend this business if you’re looking for a smooth spirit without the added crap you find in bigger brands. Check out their website, or find them on Facebook. They do tours as well. We met them at the Port Orange Pavilion Market and we just stopped by unannounced and they had no hesitation in giving us a tour. Really awesome place and they know their product well.

If you are in the Daytona Beach or Holly Hill area of Florida, it’s worth checking it out. We love it and will be returning customers.


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