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Plantain grows wild around our own backyard. Once it starts, it really takes over. Harvest young leaves before flowering and seeding start. Plantain is cooling and moist, but can have an astringent quality.

I really like plantain because I have the kids help me identify it in the yard whenever they get an ant bite or sting. It can also draw anything out that’s in the upper layer of skin. Plantain is anti-inflammatory and mildly antibacterial as well.

Plantain can aid with

  • inflammatory bowel disorders
  • staph infections
  • boils
  • allergic rashes
  • eczema
  • hives
  • acne
  • burns

Fresh plantain tincture can be useful for anyone suffering from inflammatory bowel disorder. Plantain is also used internally to remove phlegm from the lungs and is safe for use in children, using proper dosing.

Other than its beneficial properties in aiding one’s health, plantain also has its culinary uses. It’s a pretty easy plant to harvest for use in salads. Young leaves are great for salads. Older leaves need to be cooked. Plantain is rich in calcium and Vitamin K.


If you have a burn, you can apply a plantain poultice immediately and bandage with the leaves. Afterwards, using a plantain salve can aid in healing.

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Cuts and Open Sores

Wash cuts with plantain tea or a diluted tea.

Do you have plantain growing in your yard? How do you use it?

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Maggie’s Herb Farm

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I am feeling pretty overwhelmed at the amount of cool stuff I’ve been wanting to share lately! We have so much going on. I have to introduce you guys to one of my favorite places, Maggie’s Herb Farm. This introduction is long overdue, this place is amazing. Every single medicinal (and some culinary) herb I have came from Maggie’s.

This farm has been in the same spot since 1983. Dora Baker is the current owner. My family and I carry a very deep appreciation of her. She has worked in the clinical setting as a herbalist so it’s only logical that her nursery carries many medicinal herbs. Being a lover of nature, she also carries plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Maggie’s Herb Farm also carries plants native to Florida, one of my favorites being the datil pepper. This pepper is a native of one of my favorite cities, St. Augustine. It’s kind of a big deal around these parts. We purchased a few plants on our last visit to hopefully incorporate into our homemade spicy Italian sausages we sell at the Port Orange Pavilion Market.

Maggie’s also hosts numerous classes. We have attended the Herbal Medicine Chest and Beginning Soap Making classes. Being a teacher and also a lifelong learner my most enjoyable experiences during these classes have been learning new things, but it’s also quite inspiring to be around other like-minded people on similar quests to healthier living.

The environment itself is relaxing, so it’s no surprise that this nursery hosts yoga classes. Living in Ormond Beach, I simply have not been able to attend. Being someone who greatly enjoys the benefits of yoga, I would attend at least for the setting, if I lived closer.

Touring the nursery is a pleasant experience. Depending on the season, the plants will be booming with butterflies. Every day of the year one can see the chickens roaming the land. They’re far from a nuisance and don’t spook easily from people. It’s obvious the flock is well taken care of and loved. Even the roosters are calm, but being prey animals by nature I instinctively never tell anyone to try to hold or cuddle a hen or rooster they simply do not know. If you’re browsing plants at this nursery, do not be startled if a hen walks over your feet as she does her ritual foraging.

What I appreciate the most when I visit Maggie’s Herb Farm, is if I have a question Dora is there to answer it and she is actually knowledgable in the area of medicinal herbs. That’s really not an easy thing to find locally.

If you’re looking for an actual nursery where you can browse herbs and plants that you don’t typically find in most nurseries, I definitely recommend coming out here. It is such a gem and so much nicer than ordering plants online. As a studying herbalist I appreciate being able to grow most of what I use. I understand that it is not always possible to grow what I need to use, but to be able to grow as much as possible on site  is really a dream we’re trying to achieve on our farm.

If you are in St. Augustine–or anywhere in Florida–make a trip here. Visit the historical aspects of the city, do lunch somewhere, then come to Maggie’s to shop. It’s one of my favorite ways to spend a free day.

Check out their website, or their Facebook. They have a very quick respond time on Facebook and happily help with any questions you may have. Check them out, they are amazing.

And if you want to follow what we have been doing with these herbs check us out here, here, and here. These are some older posts and we will be adding more in the future as we look to the possibilities of a greenhouse and as I practice more with my copper still.

Check back with us the next couple of weeks as we share our beginning journey in soap making and other natural products.

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