From seasonal herbs and fresh vegetables to flavorful fruits, fresh eggs, and poultry. You will find an amazing assortment of locally grown produce and artisan foods. You’ll get to know more about the processes our family uses to grow your favorite foods as well as preview our local homestead where everything is produced. Come and be amazed at the flavors and the finds at Harman Farms LLC.

My name is Amanda Harman. This small farm is family run. My husband, Zach Harman, can be contacted about any products we are selling. Our children, Lewis and Fiona, are also pleasant and huge contributors to the success of this farm. In fact, our children were the inspiration for this project. I grew up in a suburban area in Florida. My husband grew up near Amish country in Pennsylvania. Neither one of us have actually farmed though. We moved out into the country and before we knew it, six chicks turned into twelve chicks and four ducklings; and now we’re working with chickens, ducks, geese, goats, and miniature donkeys.

My husband and I truly believe that you are what you eat. Diet is a huge contributor to a large amount of health problems in this country, and not just in the area of obesity. Disease and cancer–as well as prevention–can be linked to our diet. Even eating healthy becomes a trial due to all of the chemicals put into our food. We wanted our children to have access to healthy food and to truly understand where our food actually comes from (as a teacher, I am still amazed how many children–teenagers included–don’t truly grasp the concept that an egg is laid by a chicken).

After that, we began sharing our food with others and educating people wanting to learn more about the food they put into their bodies. We turned our stable into an actual barn and processing room. We’re still looking to grow and expand in what we produce. We’re looking to add products like goat’s milk soap, balms, and salves in the future.

We decided to create this website and blog to share our adventures and growth with those who cannot visit and those who want to learn. Take a look around! We hope you enjoy your visit and contact us if you have any questions at all. Thanks for taking the time to check us out.