Cross-sectional Survey Studies Potential for Herb-drug Interactions in Pregnant Women

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Herbal and natural products (HNP) are generally considered safe, and many people take them without considering the presence of active compounds that may interact with other HNPs or prescription medications. These interactions have the potential to be severe, according to the authors. Women are the majority users of HNPs, so the possibility for herb-drug interactions (HDIs) becomes doubly concerning in the case of pregnancy, where both the mother and developing fetus can be affected. This study aimed to identify concurrent HNP use in pregnant woman taking prescription medications and determine the potential for HDIs and their clinical significance.

The study was conducted at the Royal Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, Aberdeen, Scotland, from March to August 2012. Questionnaires were administered to women either receiving a mid-trimester (18-21 weeks) scan or in the postnatal unit within the first 24 hours after delivery. Details of how participants were recruited and how the questionnaire was…

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